Giavara Tennis Academy

Our Programs and Philosophy

Giavara Tennis Academy Location - Hilton Resort at Mission Bay, San Diego, CA Workout Room at Hilton Resort at Mission Bay, San Diego, CA

What We Offer

The Giavara Academy provides top level technical instruction necessary to improve your game. A complete fitness routine, utilizing a state-of-the-art gym/workout room, and nutritional training are integrated into the regime for each individual student. Emotional and mental training are also part of the core skills we develop in each player to ensure they achieve their maximum potential.

Private Lessons available with Ken or Jason.

Call for a full list of our adult programs.

Gym Workout Room available to Tennis Academy Students

The After School Program

The Giavara Tennis Academy strongly believes in creating champions on and off the court. Education is a top priority. Students are encouraged to begin/complete homework in our designated study area. The Giavara Tennis Academy boasts a 100% collegiate scholarship acceptance rate.

The Giavara Tennis Academy is I.S.P.E. certified by all San Diego District High Schools. Participation in our program entitles your child to depart from school early, but still receive full credit for P.E.

Hours: 3:45-6pm Monday thru Friday $30.00 per class

Weekends and non-School days: 10am-1pm $30.00 per class

Drop-ins Welcome

The Giavara Academy would like to congratulate our college scholarship recipients:

Josh Isaacs -- Cal Poly

Zach Leslie -- Wake Forest University

Nikko Karnopp -- Gustavus University

Trevor Donovan -- LaSalle University

Axel Cramer -- Cal Berkeley

Joel Garcia -- Cal Berkeley

Michael Rabinovich -- Stanford

Irving Stone -- Swarthmore

Kevin Wei -- Pomona

Cody Chwala -- Northern Colorado

Gerado de la Conch -- New York University

Ken and Jason Giavara would like to congratulate our standout students on an outstanding ranking year.