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Class of 2013

It was another amazing class of outgoing seniors this year. Jake Roberts, William Chui, Greg Lyon, and Jack Murphy are all headed to begin their college careers. Jake and Greg will be freshmen at Weslyan College and William will be attending Columbia University and Jack will be attending Georgetown University. Jake ended his junior tennis ranked #85 in the country. He was the top Division 3 recruit in the nation. He will be playing number 1 for the Weslyan Cardinals. Greg ended his junior career ranked #176 in the nation. Together with Jake they will make Weslyan a strong contender for a National Championship. William Chui weighed his many options and in the end he decided to attend Ivy League Columbia University. William, who still has a year of junior eligibility remaining, is currently ranked #53 in the country. Jack Murphy ranked #95 in the nation will attend Georgetown University and looks to make an immediate impact as a freshman.

Some updates on past classes. Derek Klein had an amazing freshman year playing for Division 1 Cal Poly university. Derek stepped right in to the line up as a freshman at a school that was ranked top 30 in the nation. Jack McCullers also made an immediate impact as a freshman at the Air Force Academy. He played number 5 singles and number 2 doubles. Anthony Kim playing for RPI was named freshman of the year. Aaron Meltzer is playing number 1 singles for NYU. Jakob Karnopp played a big role for USD as they were ranked top 20 in the country. Robbie Shaw also played a role in MIT winning their conference championships.

Class of 2012 is On the Move

It's a big year at the Academy with so many seniors graduating and heading off to college. Currently our scholarship recipients have been Derek Klein who will attend Cal Poly. Cal Poly is currently ranked in the top 30 in the country. Derek is ranked in the top ten in the boy's 18s (his first year in the age group) in Southern Cal. Derek was recently featured on the Tennisrecruiting website. Jack McCullers has been appointed to the Air Force Academy. Jack is the school's top recruit and is currently ranked in the top 20 in Southern Cal. Robbie Shaw has been accepted at MIT, Yale, and Cal Tech. He is waiting to hear from Princeton and Stanford before making his decision. Jakob Karnopp has been accepted at Tulane University.

Recruitment is Key

Not only do Giavara Tennis Academy students increase their competitive ranking through tournament play, but Ken and Jason carry that success to the next step by maximizing the visibility of their students as college prospects. Please view the website to see feature articles on our students-- Derek Klein and Jack Murphy.

Congratulations to Derek Klein on being the top tennis recruit for Cal Poly University. Cal Poly was ranked #38 in the country last year.  Read Article

The Giavara Academy would like to congratulate all our college scholarship recipients:

Josh Isaacs -- Cal Poly

Zach Leslie -- Wake Forest University

Nikko Karnopp -- Gustavus University

Trevor Donovan -- LaSalle University

Axel Cramer -- Cal Berkeley

Joel Garcia -- Cal Berkeley

Michael Rabinovich -- Stanford

Irving Stone -- Swarthmore

Kevin Wei -- Pomona

Cody Chwala -- Northern Colorado

Gerado de la Conch -- New York University

Jakob Karnopp -- University of San Diego

Anthony Kim -- RPI

Brandon Chao -- University of California at San Diego

Robbie Shaw -- MIT

Hiro Yamamoto -- Cal Berkeley

Aaron Meltzer -- New York University

Jack McCullers -- United States Air Force Academy

Derek Klein -- Cal Poly

Jake Roberts -- Weslyan College

Greg Lyon -- Weslyan College

William Chui -- Columbia University

Jack Murphy -- Georgetown University