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Giavara Tennis Academy at Mission Bay San Diego

Considered to be the premier tennis program in all of southern California, the Giavara Tennis Academy is located at the Hilton Resort Club, 1775 East Mission Bay Drive, San Diego, California 92109.

Ken and Jason Giavara, both U.S.P.T.A. certified instructors, have operated the Academy for over 20 years. They have produced many top level juniors. Over twenty nationally ranked players are currently enrolled.

The philosophy at the academy is grounded in optimum technique. Everything must be in place for when the student is 17 years old. We pay no attention to rankings in the 12s, 14s, age group. It is all about hitting a big ball and playing the right way. We have found an inverse relationship between the rankings in the lower age groups and the rankings in the 18s - when this all matters. This philosophy is why our students dominate the later age group. We have had students that have dominated from an early age and continued on dominating but more often it works the other way.

Congratulations to Haley on all her Success!

Haley Career High
Congratulations to Haley on her new career high WTA singles ranking. She is the 10th highest ranked American junior on the WTA rankings.

Haley Highest Win
Congratulations to Haley on her highest WTA win. She defeated WTA #199 Katherine Sebov.

Haley at Oracle Challenger Series
Haley Tennis Recruiting

Congratulations to Haley on being the #1 senior in California and #12 in the country.

Haley Draw
Congratulations to Haley on getting her first top 300 WTA victory by defeating Louisa Chirico 6-3 6-4.

Haley Return Statistics
WTA stats - 12 in the world at cracking returns.

Haley Giavara playing WTA Stockholm, Sweden

The Giavara Tennis Academy was featured in an article in the San Diego Union Tribune's Sports Section.  See Full Article

Giavara Tennis Academy Jeff Greenwald seminar at Mission Bay San Diego
Students benefit from a program that recognizes both the physical and psychological game of its students. The Giavara Tennis Academy was proud to hold a seminar on the mental game of tennis. World renowned Tennis Psychologist Jeff Greenwald, author of Fearless Tennis, provided our students with a day of on and off court mentoring on how to play your best tennis when it matters the most.

Giavara Tennis Academy in San Diego at Mission Bay Hilton Resort
Giavara Academy student, Brandon Nakashima, celebrated his 11th birthday with some of the top players in the area. Brandon is currently ranked in the top 10 in the country and is ranked number 1 among 5th graders in the country. Happy Birthday, Brandon!

Congratulations to Derek Klein on being the top tennis recruit for Cal Poly University. Cal Poly was ranked #38 in the country last year.  Read Article Congratulations also to Anthony Kim, a freshman at RPI, who after the first two weeks of his collegiate career was named player of the week for his conference. Another round of congratulations goes out to our other top senior players who are headed off to colleges across the nation: Jakob Karnopp (USD), Brandon Chao (UCSD), Robbie Shaw (MIT), Hiro Yamamoto (Cal Berkeley) and Aaron Meltzer (NYU). We look forward to seeing great things from you.

Giavara Tennis Academy student, Jack McCullers, was featured in an article regarding his stellar play at the prestigious Pacific Coast Doubles Championships.  Read Article

Award Winners Selected by the San Diego Jr. Tennis Association--

For the second straight year a student from the Giavara Tennis Academy has won the Most Improved Player Award. Congratulations Derek, Jakob, and Chase.

William Chiu -- 2012 Most Improved Player Award

Derek Klein -- 2011 Most Improved Player Award

Jakob Karnopp -- 2010 Most Improved Player Award

Chase Friedman -- 2010 Best Sportsmanship Award

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