Program & Schedule

At the Giavara Tennis Academy there is a program for all levels of players. We have programs ranging in level from ATP/WTA players to beginners. We also have a full gym and and place a premium on the fitness level of our athletes. Please feel free to call or email Ken to find out which program would be best for you.

Announcement: Currently accepting new students

Currently accepting new students

Elite After School Program

Giavara Tennis offers an after school tennis training program. We are ISPE. certified by all San Diego District high schools. Participation in our program entitles your child to leave school early while receiving full credit for PE.


Elite Summer Program

Giavara Tennis offers a summer training program from 10:00 AM- 12:00 PM daily. Our summer training program is designed to enhance athletes skills and tournament play time to ensure year around progress is continuous.


Private Lessons

Giavara Tennis offers private lessons for all ages. Our private lessons, with either Ken Giavara or Jason Giavara, cater to the individual athlete’s needs. Our private lessons can be made by appointment through phone or email.


Adult Programs

We have a full slate of adult programs. These include private lessons and clinics for adult players of any ability level. We are located at the San Diego Mission Bay Resort and offer a complete membership opportunity to our resort.


Coaching & Methodology

Over the last three years I have coached my players at the highest levels of tournaments in the world. I have traveled with my players to more than 50 professional events, 20 D1 college matches between top 20 universities, 30 junior ITFs, and 15 USTA National Level 1s. During this time I have traveled throughout the United States and to 20 different countries for these events. You would be hard pressed to find another coach in the country who has witnessed the progressive levels of development in real time as I have. This experience along with the methodology we implement at the academy is the reason why our players achieve such amazing results.

Junior development is an extremely difficult situation to manage. Great results in the 12s and 14s often doesn’t translate to the higher age groups. Our coaching staff pays strict attention to always making sure our players are optimizing proper technique, professional footwork and tactical patterns that will translate to the highest levels of the sport. You never want to put a ceiling on a young player because he/she is in the wrong grips, or has the wrong swing path on their strokes, or is using incorrect footwork and tactics.

This is the difference in our teaching methodology. We invite you to come and experience the difference.

Why Join Giavara?

The Giavara Academy provides top level technical instruction necessary to improve your game. A complete fitness routine, utilizing a state-of-the-art gym/workout room, and nutritional training are integrated into the regime for each individual student. Emotional and mental training are also part of the core skills we develop in each player to ensure they achieve their maximum potential.

Giavara Players